$99 Drain Inspection & Cleaning **SPECIAL**

Our top-grade sewer line videoing & Digital Sonar quickly find the source of blocked sewer lines.

  • Are blocked sewer lines causing sewage back-up and drainage issues?

    Sewer line videoing and locating quickly finds the source of blocked sewer lines.

    In addition to video, we use a 512 hz Sonar locator that enables the camera head to be located up to 15 feet underground. We'll place the cam inside your sewer lines so the video camera can locate debris blocking your sewer lines. Sewer line videoing and locating also finds holes, crack and leaks.

    Once a blockage is located, we will provide a diagnostic and will attempt to remove minor blockages with an industrial strength Auger. You only pay for specific problems located in your sewer lines if you hire us to fix or replace them.

    Sewer line videoing and locating can save you money.

    • 24 Hour Emergency Videoing and Locating
    • Sewer Line Inspections
    • Fast Response
    • Septic Line Videoing

    Price: $99.95
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